Naturalistic Housing

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The definition of naturalistic housing depends on the context of the architecture. The most common image that comes to mind is a rustic abode, perhaps a log home or a beach cottage. It's a place

Planning a Stay-cation

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This year, why not consider a local vacation instead of travelling abroad? There are a number of benefits from staying at home during your summer holidays. By avoiding hotels and air travel, you can save

Joyful Paint Palettes

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Soft neutrals like greige or cloud white are flexible enough to work in every room. Generally, a neutral backdrop can be accessorized with colour much easier than the opposite. It's good to know that each

Soundproofing for Condos

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It's important to note that noise is a two-way annoyance: If you can hear your neighbours talk on the phone or watch a movie that means they can hear you too. In this context, soundproofing

Easy, edible perennial gardens

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One of the best uses for perennials plantings is edibles. Perennials go dormant in the winter and return each spring. Many vegetables and herbs are perennial which means you can enjoy bigger and bigger harvests

Modular homes

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In the early 1900's, a small mail-ordered house was a practical alternative to a custom designed and site-built dwelling. Homeowners could order the entire structure, pre-cut and ready to assemble. A kit house saved the

Organizing the garage

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Garages are usually low priority when it comes to cleaning and organizing. After all, it's a room for the car and trash pails, isn't it supposed to be a little bit rough? As a storage

Construction trends for 2021

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Each generation of design takes cues from the past and incorporates them into visions for the present. Sometimes the result is brilliant. Other times it can be a mashup of incompatible theories. Today, the trend

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